Apollon’s main business is to produce and sell haute couture embroidery tools to make you enjoy embroidery easily. “Delphes” and “Urd” are the flagship embroidery frames we invented. Additionally, we give “embroidery lessons” and run “Art gallery” to commit our mission that we provide cultural and rich time and space to customers.


Apollon is named after Apollo, the god of light and art in Greek mythology.
Our first product “Delphes” is inspired by the shape of the temple of Delph, where Apollo received an oracle in Greek mythology.
We pursue manufacturing that combines “design” and “function” like ancient oracles.


Apollon’s products are made by Japanese woodworkers and finished by hand, ranging from each wooden carving item to turneries.
We have a strong passion to produce only Made-in-Japan products, because all the items will always be with you, and we put characteristically Japanese wood skills into our designs.
Additionally, feedback from partners and customers feed into the product updates in order to give better usability and higher experiences to you.