Get you valuable things with embroidery and art.

There are a lot of valuable things in Japan that have been known to the world. We’d like more people throughout the world to experience them in person.

We know that you feel happy when you wear comfortable clothing, put a lively picture on a wall , and use new items or so.

Apollon has the strong passion to give you such happiness. We have developed embroidery items to provide pleasure time for embroidery. We have a strong passion to produce only Made-in-Japan products, because all the items will always be with you, and we put characteristically Japanese wood skills into our designs.
In addition to embroidery, we organize opportunities to introduce Japanese artists’ works to be exposed more.


We will make you happy with embroidery and art.

Apollon originated from my hobby, embroidery.
With the traditional method used in France, I familiarized myself with haute couture works. Then I was moved and delighted by creating works by myself.
Doing embroidery will give brightness and enrichment to your hectic life.


  • ・To develop and provide useful embroidery tools for you.
  • ・To provide enjoyable lessons and comfortable spaces.
  • ・To announce updates with partner tutors, creators, companies and artists.
  • ・To support artists to bring news via gallery management.


The origin of handicrafts is said to be as far back as prehistoric times, and there are embroidery cultures all over the world. Each region of the world has its own highly artistic embroidered works with various thoughts such as prayers, wishes, symbols of power, and protection from evil.
There is a sense of serenity that comes from the handcrafting of each stitch. Doing embroidery will give brightness and enrichment to your hectic life.
We hope you enjoy your own luxury time with Apollon’s embroidery tools.

アポロン 代表 相馬 美保

株式会社アポロン 代表取締役 相馬  美保

Company Profile

April 27, 2013
Business Description
  • -Planning, development and sales of embroidery frames Urd and Delphes
  • -Luneville embroidery lessons in the atelier
  • -Production of haute couture embroidery works
10 million yen
Miho Soma
Head office
2962-43 Mannoharashinden, Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka 418-0001, JapanMAP>


April 27, 2013
Started activities based in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.
Received “Shizuoka Good Design Award”
February 2014
Exhibited at Gift Show spring2014 (at Tokyo Big Sight)
April 2014
Launched Delphes embroidery frame (patent registration No. 6018793, date of registration: October 7, 2016)
April 2014
Exhibited at the 38th Japan Hobby Show (at Tokyo Big Sight)
Feb. 2015
Exhibited at Tokyo International Quilt Festival (at Tokyo Dome)
May 2015
Released embroidery frame Urd (design registration No. 1530331, registered on July 3, 2015)
February 2019
Exhibited at the Aiguille en Fete (Festival of Needles) in Paris, France.
March 2021
Delphes trademark registration No. 6355395, international registration No. 1568924.
Urd trademark registration No. 6355396, international registration No. 1569541.
Moved to Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture in 2021.