The Delphes embroidery frame, which combines functionality and design, was developed based on the image of the temple of Delph, where Apollon, the god of light and art, is said to have received an oracle.
The Urd is an improved version of the Delphes, making it even easier to enjoy Luneville embroidery.

Product name :
Size :
Main body (outer dimension): 480mm x 375mm
Inner frame (outer dimension): 415mm x 310mm
Inner frame (inner dimension): 364mm x 257mm
Legs: 110mm (height) x 20mm (diameter)

Body (outer dimension): 375mm x 300m
Inner frame (outer dimension): 310mm x 237mm
Inner frame (inner dimension): 257mm x 182mm
Legs: 110mm (height) x 20mm (diameter)
Color :
Natural / Mocha
Material :
Body: Beach
Inner frame: Spruce
Legs: Beach

Inner Frame: Walnut
Leg: Walnut
Price :
Gran Urd
Natural:49,500(tax included)
Mocha : 58,300(tax included)

Petite Urd
Natural:47,300(Tax included)
Mocha:55,000(Tax included)

Grand Urd inner frame
Natural:16,500(Tax included)
Mocha:22,000(Tax included)

Petit Urd inner frame
Natural:16,500(tax included)
Mocha:19,800(Tax included)
Made in :

-Differences between Urd and Delph-
In Urd, the embroidery stand and the frame to which the fabric is attached are detachable.
In Luneville embroidery, the backside of the work is in front of the frame, so the frame is often turned over during the embroidery process to check the work. To allow the enjoyment of Luneville embroidery, the inner frame can be removed while the embroidery fabric is still stretched over it.

On Delphes, the frame and the part to which the embroidery fabric is attached are one piece, and the inner frame cannot be removed while the embroidery fabric is still attached, as is the case with Urd.
It is suitable for Japanese embroidery, dovetail work, etc., where the front side of the work is in the foreground.

-How to Stretch the Cloth-

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